Sustaunable Fashion:

From Production Model to Cultural Model


Associate Professor in Fashion Studies

University of Bologna

‘Sustainable Fashion: from Production Model to Cultural Model’ is Between Conscious’ first masterclass hosted by Simona Segre Reinach, and focused on the integration of the culture of sustainability and its themes in the fashion industry.

S.Segre Reinach has issued numerous publications dedicated to the world of fashion and its history on a global scale. Among her most recent contributions “Exhibit!: la moda esposta” (Bruno Mondadori, 2017) and “Fashion in Multiple Chinas” (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2018).

S.S. Reinach is Professor of Fashion Studies at Bologna University, in Italy, since 2011.

Fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world after those of Oil and Agriculture: this assumption should be enough to highlight the need to accelerate a transition towards a new, more ethical and responsible cultural model.

In this introductory masterclass of the Between Conscious Program, professor S.Segre Reinach sheds light on the definition of sustainable fashion, because it has gained focus in the internal debate between the players in the supply chain and how it is possible to make choices dictated by greater environmental awareness.

What is sustainable fashion? Why is it important? How can it be classified? What must your company do to transition to sustainable processes while remaining productive?

In her introductory masterclass for the Between Conscious Program, Simona Segre Reinach answers these questions starting from a historical perspective on the fashion industry. This excursus illustrates how sustainable fashion has gone from being an alternative and secondary category for consumers to establishing itself on all segments of the fashion industry.

In the fashion industry, a necessary revolution is already underway, dedicated both by ethics and by the increasingly conscious choices of consumers. Selection of suppliers, processing, logistics, distribution, working conditions: this masterclass sheds light on the many segments in which conversion to sustainability can be achieved.

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