Raw Materials:

The Cotton

Paolo Foglia

Non Food Certification Manager

ICEA - Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification

‘Raw Materials: Cotton’ is Between Conscious’ third masterclass hosted by Paolo Foglia, and is dedicated to the sustainability of a crucial raw material for the textile industry: cotton.

Paolo Foglia is the Non-Food Certification Manager ICEA: Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, accredited for some of the most important and recognized certifications for sustainability of textile products.

Cotton represents 90% of the global natural fiber market, the production of which has doubled over the last 35 years, but the extent of cultivation has remained virtually unchanged. This means that intensive cultivation practices have been used to meet market demands, with repercussions on pollution and impoverishment of the ecosystem.

In this third masterclass of the Between Conscious Program, the case study of cotton is a perfect example of the relationship between agriculture and consumption, and therefore on the value of controls and certifications to promote organic farming through corporate choices. A figure that today represents only 1% of the entire production.

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