Raw Materials

Recycled Materials and Secondary Raw Materials

Paolo Foglia

Non Food Certification Manager

ICEA - Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification

‘Raw Materials: Recycled Materials’ is Between Conscious’ fourth masterclass hosted by Paolo Foglia and dedicated to secondary raw materials, i.e. the use of recycled materials in the production system, in the textile industry.

Paolo Foglia is the Non-Food Certification Manager ICEA: Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, accredited for some of the most important and recognized certifications for sustainability of textile products.

Only 13% of the textile waste is currently sent for recycling, while about 70% ends up in landfills or waste-to-energy plants. In the fourth masterclass of Between Conscious Program, Dr. Paolo Foglia returns to take stock of the Circular Economy, and the need for the fashion world, starting with the main brands, to take charge of the “end of life” of the products they place on the market. A process that is not only ethically essential, but in the EU it is law, by virtue of the objectives set by the package of measures on the Circular Economy of 2018.

Use of recycled materials, compliance with environmental regulations and working conditions: in this masterclass, we once again clarify the certification system as a guarantor for the development of a more ethical market.

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