Fashion Retail:

A Sustainable Approach

Jochen Strähle

DEAN of the Faculty of Textile & Design,

Professor for International Fashion Management

University of Reutlingen

‘Fashion Retail: a sustainable approach’ is Between Conscious’ fifth masterclass hosted by Jochen Strähle in which it will be elucidated how it is possible to rethink retail for the fashion sector in a sustainable way.

Jochen Strähle has published several books dedicated to international management and online business, including the recent “Green Fashion Retail” (Springer, 2017).

Jochen Strähle is Professor of International Fashion Management at Reutlingen University, Germany, and visiting Professor in Fashion Management at Xian University since 2013.

Economic, ecological and social. These are the three aspects that must be respected throughout the entire supply chain, which starts from the collection of raw materials and passes through the consumer to achieve full eco-sustainability in fashion retail.

The fifth masterclass of the Between Conscious Program highlights the centrality of the figure of fashion buyers in defining a more sustainable model for the entire industry, thanks to the ability to direct trends, to select suppliers, but also to the need to plan the use of materials upstream. For example, designing garments that are easier to repair or wash means creating a more “collaborative consumption-friendly” design.

Taking into account all the facets of fashion retail, and therefore the need to consider a transformation with respect to current models also in terms of consumption, is therefore a sine qua non for converting the entire sector into a sustainable vision. Added to this is the need to integrate digital marketing and social media tools, especially to develop collaborative consumption experiences.